Lilac Twilight



My lovely Swan

I’ll stay forever by my love
so proudly she does glide,
her feathers white as any dove
and I’ll stay by her side,
yes I’ll stay by her side.

I met her in the month of may
the lake so bright did shine
and she was fair as any fay
I knew that she was mine:
I’m hers, and she is mine.

So tall and fair, she’s high above
me being dark and small.
And yet I shall abide my love
and gladly live a thrall.
I’ll gladly live her thrall.

And though she never speaks my name
and never casts a glance
I’ll feed my love’s eternal flame
till I may see my chance.
One day I’ll see my chance.

O what can stop a loving heart
if love itself is true?
The winter winds will make us part
but I will wait for you
yes I will wait for you.

Im Sommer 2006 tauchte auf dem Aasee in Münster ein schwarzer Schwan auf, der sich unsterblich verliebt hatte: In ein schwanenförmiges Tretboot
Dieses Lied ist ihr gewidmet, und allen anderen bedingungslos Liebenden

Text und Melodie © 2006 by Thesilée
In the summer of 2006 a black swan appeared at the lake Aasee in Münster, deeply in love: With a swan-shaped pedal boat
This song is dedicated to her, and to all other who love conditionlessly

tune and lyrics © 2006 by Thesilée

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