Lilac Twilight



Where have you been? (Molly’s Song)

Where have you been?
My rose is withered, I’m no maiden any more
My eyes have seen
nothing as gentle and as fair as you before
I am so tired now, but still I live to see
that after all these years you’ve come to visit me.

Where have you been
when I was one of those young precious little things?
I am no queen,
I call no gold my own, no pearls nor diamond rings
But I believed in you, and waited for the day
that you would come, and smile, and let me walk away.

Where have you been?
I was so lonely and I cried myself to sleep.
But time was mean
and I grew hard and shrewd, I grew to old to weep.
But hope did never fade like joy and love and glee:
One day a unicorn would come, and come for me.

[Spoken]: I’m here now …

Dieses Lied wurde inspiriert durch »Das Letzte Einhorn« von Peter S. Beagle:
Mollys Worte, als sie das Einhorn zum ersten Mal trifft…

Text und Melodie © 2007 by Thesilée
A song based on »The Last Unicorn« by Peter S. Beagle:
It’s what Molly says after first meeting the Unicorn…

tune and lyrics © 2002 by Thesilée

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