Lilac Twilight





Companions in Battle

We were friends before there was darkness.
We were companions before there was light.
But now that the times have grown peaceful, 
You do not know me, and stray from my side.

We lived protected, and yet we were restless.
Then within chaos, we lost our last hold.
We grew skills in fighting and killing -
Our blood was boiling, our hearts remained cold.

We were each the other one’s shadow.
We learnt to bear victory’s crown.
For us, we discovered a haven.
Now suddenly, I’m on my own.

Side by side, we were standing together.
I knew you even better than me.
Every one of my dreams I could tell you.
But the woman you never would see.

In blood, we were faithful companions.
Through pain and killing we never would part.
We were friends in each situation.
Yet now in peace, you are breaking my heart.

We’ve survived through the era of darkness.
We’ve arrived in the era of light.
I believed that for us there was a future,
But you’re gone, and I’m left to the void.

Englischer Text und Melodie © 2001 by Thesilée
Übertragung des Gedichts »Kampfgefährten« von Chris J. Ueberall
tune and English lyrics © 2001 by Thesilée
based on the poem »Kampfgefährten« by Chris J. Ueberall

Sprache: Deutsch
Language: English