Lilac Twilight





Life, Light and Shadow

I am free as the wind, now I’m here, now I’m gone.
You never will bind me, my road’s going on.
For I love my life, dancing, gambling and fun,
I’ll follow my road, as my heart’s on the run.

Love to me was no more than a game,
the men at my bedside, they all looked the same.
For one night, no longer, they lay in my arm.
It brought me great pleasure, but ne’er any harm.

Now I’m all alone, don’t know how it came by.
There are faces so dear, so close to my eye.
As hard as I wish to, I cannot ignore
This feeling so strange I have ne’er felt before.

My Life and my Light and my Shadow of Night,
why is it you hold me with fathomless might?
Love, so it seems, is far more than a game,
a feeling so strange, life will ne’er be the same.

My Life - you are just like a mirror of me:
Unbound and unfettered, so wild and so free.
Like me, you love dancing and gambling and fun,
you’ll follow your road, as your heart’s on the run.

My Light - that day I’ll forever behold,
as you stood there, forlornly and trembling with cold.
A priest of the moon, o how strange is your way?
Yet your image is with me by night and by day.

My Shadow - as dark as a the onyx-black night,
a servant of death, of dark power and fright.
I was tempted by danger that lurks in your heart:
A fire the night when our souls would not part!

The love of an Elb, as they told me before,
but once in a lifetime will open the door.
Yet I follow my road, as my steps it will guide
to my Life and my Light and my Shadow of Night.

Originaltext und Melodie © by Aryana
englischer Text © 1999 by Thesilée
Dieses Lied befindet sich auf dem Album »Garden of the Lost«
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tune and orinal lyrics © by Aryana
Englisch lyrics © 1999 by Thesilée
You’ll find this song on the album »Garden of the Lost«
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