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The Bride of Thoria

One morning in autumn as I wandered by,
I heard a fair maiden so sadly did cry:
»My heart it is broken, I’m dead and undone,
my true love, my true love forever is gone.«

I stepped up to her and I said: »Come and see,
he will surely come back and his bride you will be.«
She whispered: »No«, and her face was all sore,
»He was in the land that the fog did devour.«

Just then as she spoke it a young man passed by,
so pale was his face and so empty his eye.
His mind was all trapped in a faraway land.
»He once was my true love, now you’ll understand.«

»I’ll go to the place where the fog will not fade,
I’ll go to the place where all life turns to shade,
I’ll go to the place full of darkness and woe,
and there I’ll remain nevermore for to go.«

Ein Lied zu meinem Roman »Durch die Nebelpforte«: Durch eine Unachtsamkeit seines Prinzen ist das Land Thoria an die Dunklen gefallen.
Die Bewohner kehren wieder zurück - aber um welchen Preis?

Das Lied mit Akkorden als PDF

Die Deutsche Fassung dieses Liedes ist »Die Braut von Thoria«
Englischer Text © 1999 und Melodie © 1997 by Thesilée
A song based on my story »Beyong the Fog Gate«:
Due to its ruler’s carelessness the country of Thoria fell to the Dark
The denizens were allowed to return - but at what cost?

Download the Song with chords as a PDF-file

The German lyrics to this song are »Die Braut von Thoria«
tune © 1997 and English lyrics © 1999 by Thesilée

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