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The Hidden Object Song

Miss Evil built some weird machine, and now she’s captured Tim,
and as his trusty fiancé, I’m bound to rescue him.
I’m at this gloomy mansion where no one has been for years,
and what I’m about to meet with is my deepest childhood fears.
You see, I’m very squeamish ever since I was a gal,
and the chaos that surrounds me makes my life a walking hell.
When the folks have fled the mansion, they left just a giant mess,
but it’s all for my dear Timmy, so I must endure the stress.

Light the lamp to find the keyhole, turn a stone to find the key,
switch some tiles to solve a puzzle, and then set the monkey free,
There’s a thousand hidden objects, some of which I’d love to use -
now I’m stuck with one left boot, although I thought I’d get the fuse.

I could never touch a cobweb, I will always need a broom,
I expect three drops of water bring a plant from seed to bloom
And to scare away a squirrel, I must go and find a gun -
o, these hidden object mystery games are just a load of fun.
But I do not mind explosives, I’ll just carry them along,
same goes for three cannon balls, aren’t you surprised I’d be so strong?
Yet to lift a fallen table, first I need to find a jack -
if it’s one thing ’bout these games, it is consistency they lack.

Use the boot to dress the scarecrow, take a pumpkin as a price,
toss the dice and flip and turn them till they all show seven eyes.
There’s a thousand hidden objects, ten of which I’d really need -
with that stupid old banana peel, pray how shall I succeed?

Doors are tricky, locks are rusty, not been opened in a while,
but as soon as they are open, there’s Miss Evil with a smile.
Now I’ve found the trusty crowbar, used it on that sturdy door -
looky here, the door is open, but the crowbar is no more.
After ten more stupid errands, I could use a coffee break,
after all, it’s just my true love and the world that is at stake.
but I’ll just solve some more puzzles and then have a cup of tea -
doesn’t matter, for Miss Evil is so kind to wait for me.

Wait now, where’s that stupid money? Monkey, would you like a snack?
Monkey, climb that dreadful flagpole and bring me the blueprints back.
There’s a thousand hidden objects, and I really want that knife -
with a bouncy rubber ball how d’you expect me to survive?

Now I have repaired the fountain, every plumber would be proud,
fixed the phones, secured the wiring, and the flowerbeds are ploughed,
all that’s left now is Miss Evil, she is standing in this room,
next her is that machine, prepared a bring a lot of doom.
She makes no attempt to stop me as I pelt her with my ball,
knowing that the game is over, but that doesn’t mean her fall:
As I ride into the sunset with my dear beloved Tim,
she’ll be back, soon, in a sequel, once again to kidnap him.

Stop the nuke, turn the machine off, till the red lights turn to pink:
That’s the chance to use that wrench which once was hidden by the sink.
There’s a thousand hidden objects – o, why is it so much more
fun to clean up stuff on screen than really do a household chore?

Ein Lied zu meinen geliebten Wimmelbild-Adventure-Spielen
Wenn ich einen Euro hätte für jeden reparierten Springbrunnen…

Text und Melodie © 2013 by Thesilée
A song inspired by my favourite hidden object adventure games
If I had a dollar for every fountain I fixed…

tune and lyrics © 2013 by Thesilée

Sprache: Deutsch
Language: English