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The Dragons’ Repose

Way down by the sea, near the whispering spray,
each mountain one time was a Drakon.
There’s never a motion as silent they lay,
but one day they’ll go and awaken.

Of days they are dreaming, a long time gone by,
of freedom and beauty and fire.
They used to be Lords of the heavens so high,
their dreams now may fly even higher.

They dream by the sound of waves kissing the beach,
of dragons no longer afraid.
When fire did reign, there was no need for speech,
and their power of thought still is great.

The day now has come that time moves too fast,
that we have to leave like the Drakon.
We are history now, since our future is past -
But one day we’ll go and awaken.

Ein Lied zu meinem Roman »Eine Flöte aus Eis«:
Die selben Drachen begegnen uns wieder im Lied »The Wakening«.

Die Deutsche Fassung dieses Liedes ist »Der Drachen Ruh«

Englischer Text © 1999 und Melodie © 1997 by Thesilée
A song based on my story »The Ice Flute«:
The same dragons appear in the song »The Wakening«.

»Der Drachen Ruh«tune © 1997 and English lyrics © 1999 by Thesilée

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