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The »Liberty«

Come all, you brave young rambling lads, 
A warning take by me:
Come spend your nights save in your beds
And shun false company:
For by a maid was I betrayed,
And I may no longer walk free:
They forced me to the sea to go
Onboard the »Liberty«

They shipped me to a foreign shore
All in the month of may.
Me head was sick, my heart was sore,
It was a rainy day.
With brave young men, count twelve times ten,
All prisoners like me,
I learned the whip did rule the ship
They calléd »Liberty«.

The captain was a tyrant bold,
His officers the same.
The days were long, the nights were cold:
We knew who was to blame.
We would not strive to lose our lives
And live in slavery:
We slew the crew and captain, too,
And thus gained Liberty.

But though we’d won our mutiny,
We next did meet with fate,
For none, though now we all were free,
Knew how to navigate.
This lofty ship in Neptune’s grip
Was drowned nevermore for to see,
And when I died, I cursed and cried:
»O Lord, damn Liberty!«

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Text und Melodie © 1999 by Thesilée
Dieses Lied befindet sich auf dem Album »Garden of the Lost«
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tune and lyrics © 1999 by Thesilée
You’ll find this song on the album »Garden of the Lost«

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