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Stand by the seaside and gaze down the water,
the city down there lies asleep.
Where dwell nought but fish and the souls of the restless,
a name’s all she’s left for to keep.
One hundred years ago no one would save her,
no one would spend but a dime:
Join me tonight on my way to Vineta,
lets bring this town back to time.

Come, come, come to Vineta,
the city of streets paved with gold.
Come, come, come to Vineta,
the city, once properous and bold,
now drowned in the baltic so cold.

Look, there she’s rising all out of the water,
the town, once so proud and so gay.
No one saw her her rooftops, her pavements a-sparkle
for one hundred years and a day.
Deep down below in the dark we must dwell, we
cannot breathe the light but today -
six hundred years we have prayed for redemption,
child, don’t leave us in dismay.

Come, come, come to Vineta,
come and bring coins in your purse.
Come, come, come to Vineta,
buy something, one pennie’s worth,
and thus set us free from this curse.

Purchase our goods, gorgeous combs, splendid brooches
of corals, of seashells, of stone.
Purchase this shawl here, of kelp it was woven -
All of this could be your own!
Speak of your age, of the century you live in,
the face and the shape of your time:
Don’t speak of killings, of wars and of hunger -
we wish for a world most sublime.

God drowned us, God bound us proud folks to the deep
we spent all the plague and the world-wars asleep.
The curse gave us peace and the curse kept us save
We sleep and we sleep by the sound of the waves
We sleep and we sleep by the sound of the waves
the waves and the waves and the waves and the waves &hellip:

Go, take your money of paper and plastic,
go, take your time, take it home.
Once there’ll be live in the streets of Vineta,
once in a century to come.
Give it a try hundred years from tomorrow,
if there’s a world left to be.
Stay till that day with us down in Vineta,
join in the song of the sea.

Come, come, come to Vineta
where hundred years last but a day.
Come, come, come to Vineta,
where waves wash the centuries away
eternity’s here for to stay.

Die deutsche Fassung dieses Liedes ist »Vineta«

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Text © 2008 und Melodie © 2005 by Thesilée
The German lyrics to this song are »Vineta«

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tune © 2005 and lyrics © 2008 by Thesilée

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