Lilac Twilight

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Dust is my cover,
I’m far from my lover.
Bereft of all sunlight they left me to hell.
Nobody strokes my head,
Kisses my cheeks so red.
Nobody knows that in darkness I dwell.

All sad and pathetic
I’m caged in the attic.
They’ve long since forgotten,
There’s no one to know.
They’ve locked me in a chest
But I can’t find no rest.
Where is the child that my love I may show?

She was my treasure,
A love without measure.
I was her side-kick by night and by day.
Held by her soft warm hands -
Oh, we were more than friends
Until they came and they took her away.

Her warm breath ran through me,
Her soul she gave to me.
Turning a living thing took me a while.
Though now my hands may wave
She lies down in her grave.
No one can see that my lips learnt to smile.

Days pass around me,
They’ve caged and they’ve bound me.
Once we were lovers that no one could part.
Gone is my sun that shone,
I’m here, all left alone.
My china breast holds a young maiden’s heart.

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